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Together, we can change the world. Really.

First I have to say thank you so very much for taking an interest in Texas Disasters. It truly is an honor that you'd do such a thing. I honestly feel that this startup is the most important thing in modern day history and I hope you feel the same. We actually have the opportunity to radically change the world for the better, it just takes people like you who are willing to make it happen. Together, we can build something that is capable of literally helping millions of people and making a profoundly significant impact on this world. It's an organization which I honestly feel will be the strongest force for good this world has ever seen.

Profit Potential

I also feel, without a doubt, that the profit potential of this little project is more than anyone could ever ask for and shouldn't be a concern either. The money is definitely there. The market cap for digital advertising is close to 200 billion and I honestly feel that we can capture a lot of that. But, I don't want that to be any of our investors primary or even secondary points of focus. My main concerns with the structuring side of things have been on making sure that I put it in a position to be managed entirely from the standpoint of purely what is best for the people. I don't want it to be something which promotes an agenda other than goodwill, nor do I want it to be anything less than controlled by the people. In order to make this thing truly work for society, it has to be outside the influence of greed or anyone with a thirst for power.

Market Validation

The proof of concept has already been validated, not only by my own personal experiences, but by numerous people in the emergency management field, along with civilians, business owners, and media and technology professionals whom I have spoken with. Everyone loves this idea.

User Acquisition

User acquisition will be fairly easy and cheap to come by, as this is something that truly resonates with people. People naturally want to share good things with others and I don't believe it will be difficult to create multiple viral campaigns to bring in users and sponsors quickly and on a very low budget.

Funds Usage

I also feel that the money y'all invest will be well taken care of. By employing a kind of hybrid lean startup methodology to our approach, I feel that we can keep our costs low. It's also been apparent that a lot of folks are more than willing to help the cause with their time, so I think our staff expenditures can be kept fairly low in the beginning stages. I am also very creative and frugal when it comes to marketing and I already have loads of media contacts just waiting for a good story.

So I have proposed these to be the considerations for potential investors;

Ownership of organization:

10% to Founder(s), 10% to 20 different Investors at .5% of equity to each, 80% of equity goes to The Texas Disasters Foundation. At some point, a portion of the 80% owned by the TxDis Foundation will be "earned" by our advisors, employees and users via a smart contract, but will still be legally owned by the foundation.

I'm not looking for an exit. Texas Disasters will never be acquired for any reason. And I honestly feel that it is best off never going public.

Allocation of profits:

100% of all profits will be given to the Texas Disasters Foundation. At some point a portion of the profits will be given back to our users via profit sharing.

Investors will make their money back, plus a handsome return, from their equity they receive by investing in this cause.

Corporation Control and Management:

Every Investor/ advisor receives one seat on the board of Texas Disasters Inc. and The Texas Disasters Foundation, if they so desire. If a substitute director is to be appointed by the investor, they must be approved by Jon Cole. After the initial 20 investor/ advisory board member appointments, any additional director appointments will be voted on by the users, with the final approval decided on by the board.

The major corporate decisions of both Texas Disasters Inc. and The Texas Disasters Foundation will be controlled by it's verified users through a secure voting and feedback function on our site. However, the final approval of these decisions will be determined by the board.

Investor procurement and schedule:

Each investor will be interviewed and vetted by the board before being allowed to invest. The final approval of each investor assimilation is to be determined by Jon Cole. The first investor will invest the sum of $100,000.00 after which the amount doubles for each new investor, regardless of valuation. If you are the first investor, that puts this startup at a 2 million initial valuation, which is substantially low, but I'm more concerned about the value a particular investor brings to the organization. I realize the capital needed for the success of this venture, and I'm certain that you do to, so it is up to the investor whether they'd like to put in more than the required amount.

Additional Founder(s):

I'm looking for 2 additional founders. The first co-founder will receive a 3% share of Texas Disasters Inc. and the second will receive 1%. Investment is not necessary to be considered for the co-founder position, but not frowned upon either. They will be decided upon for the amount of value and potential contribution in which they bring to the organization by Jon Cole.

If you are agreeable to these conditions, please let me know, and we can talk further. I am open to suggestions on minor alterations to these terms also, so please let me know if there are any of those as well.

Again, I really appreciate the interest and I look forward to working with you.

Please contact me if you have any additional questions.

Jon Cole


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Saturday, 23 March 2019